Dragster Cartridges
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Dragster Cartridges

version a)* U               ©1980, purple label, CART: off-white foam circuit board protector, spring

version b)* R                ©1980, purple label, CART: black foam circuit board protector, spring

version c)* C                ©1980, purple label, CART: spring

NOTE: versions a, b & c have the same main and end labels, but the cartridge itself is different

version d)* R                ©1982, purple label, ML: color background, 5 languages, “International Edition”, EAG-001, circular sticker with red “N” on it (NTSC), EL: ®, CART: spring?

version e)* R                ©1981, purple label, ML: “International Edition”, PAG-001, EL: ™, CART: spring

version f)*  R                ©1981, -04 white label with black text, EAG-001-04I

version g)* R                ©1981, -04, high gloss black label, white text with bar code in center, EAX-001-04B

version h)   ?                This one is really strange!  It's probably one of the first Activision carts ever made, CART: the same as a regular Activision cart except the plastic is smooth instead of textured, there's no “Activision” printed on the back, and the little posts next to the circuit board have no spring and are pointed instead of square