Pitfall! Cartridges
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Pitfall! Cartridges

version a)* C                ©1982, green label, CART: spring

version b)* R                ©1982, green label, CART: no spring

NOTE: versions a & b have the same main and end labels, but the cartridge itself is different

version c)* R                ©1982, green label, ML: “International Edition”, 5 languages, EAX-018, sticker with red “N” on it (NTSC), CART: spring

version d)* R    -04       ©1982, blue label with white text and no picture, CART: no spring

version e)* R                ©1982, green label, “International Edition”, 5 languages, EAX-018, CART: spring

version f)*  R                ©1982, -04, high gloss black label, white text with bar code in center, EAX-018-04B

version g)* R                ©1981, -04, white label with black text, EAX-018-04I