Battlezone Cartridges
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Battlezone Cartridges

Below we have 2 end labels. The top one is paper, and the bottom is plastic, though from the scan, you pretty much can't tell that. There is a slight variation though with these labels. If you look at the ™, the top label is nice and even with the top part of the “E” while the bottom ™ is slightly higher than the “E”.

version a)* C    PicSil2  ©1983, CART1

version b)* R    PicSil2  ©1983, CART1, EL: “Battlezone p”, PAL

version c)* R    PicSil2  ©1983, CART2, EL: plastic

version d)* R    PicSil2  ©1983, CART2, EL: paper

version e)* R    PicSil2  ©1983, CART3

NOTE: versions d & e have the same main and end labels, but the cartridge protector is different, it is difficult to see the difference in a scan for a paper and plastic end label

version f)*  R    PicGr2  ©1985, CART2

version g)* R    PicGr2  ©1987, CART3, “P” sticker on back, PAL  

version h)* R    PicBr2  ©1987, CART3, “P” sticker on back, PAL

version i)*  R    Picred2 ©1983, CART3, Printed in Hong Kong, ML: “CX2681P”, PAL